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Join us in paradise!!!
Tantra Ashram Residency
Big Island Hawaii
Next Retreat TBD

The intention

Together we will be creating a Tantric Ashram experience. Where you will not only be diving deeper into your daily practice with community, but also have time to explore in nature, connect with the larger Puna community and have time to complete online work as well. A true immersive lifestyle that incorporates all the necessary ingredients for a balanced holistic life. 

So often during retreats they are so jam packed with material you barely have time to enjoy the scenery or integrate. Once you return home the glow fades as well as your dedication to your spiritual practice. This is an opportunity to take more time to really integrate your practice into a balanced daily routine. The Residency experience is aimed to leave more room for an organic flow so it mimics real life and allows you time to create the experience you truly desire. You are encouraged to try getting some work done online, making those necessary phone calls or focusing on areas you've neglected like exercise or artistic expression. 

This also gives you a chance to experience communal living. If this is something you already enjoy or something you have wanted to try, this is a wonderful opportunity, as we will be bringing together like minded people who are on a similar spiritual journey. Together we can support one another and feel what it is like to not be so alone in our process. 

Like an ashram there will be programming aimed towards spiritual and emotional development. The morning practice will be Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga followed by an IPSALU style tantra satsang. The Tantra labs will be a classroom like setting where we will discuss philosophy, break down the steps for different tantric techniques and have a chance to ask any questions to create an introspective dialogue. Zegg Forumn practice is a theatrical way to express yourself amongst the group that offers much freedom and fun to see and be seen. The weekly adventure day will get us out on an excursion as a group to enjoy some of the incredible sites the Big Island has to offer. Other activities that will be an option depending on the groups desires: art night, game night, movie night, hot pond soak, Sunday Funday festival, markets and other community events such as ecstatic dance. Bonus classes may be possible depending on availability of local teachers and interests of the group.


Check out the past Weekly Calendar below!

Tantra Residency Schedule (2).jpg

The sanctuary

HIVE Hawaii is a Micro-Retreat house located in the beautiful Kalapana Seaview Estates. This neighborhood is lush, safe and alive with rich community. At the bottom of the neighborhood is a beautiful ocean view park where Sunday Funday festival happens every week featuring a large drum circle and fire spinners at night. Kehena black sand beach is also nearby and the Pohoiki natural warm ponds just a short drive away. 

The house itself is big, beautiful and bright with three indoor rooms, two lanai rooms and two glamping tent set ups, a large lanai upstairs and two classroom spaces. Plenty of room to spread out and enjoy time as a group or within your own space. This home truly gives you the local residential experience. 

The offering

When you fill out the application form you will see the prices next too the lodging options.

This is what is what is included in that price:

  • Lodging for the week

  • Daily morning yoga + tantra practice

  • Tantra Lab

  • Zegg Forumn practice

  • Sacred Sensual Saturdays admission

    • Featuring a local tantra/sacred sensuality teacher to lead a class​

    • Tantra Puja

    • Tea Lounge

    • Sound Healing

    • 1-3 featured local healers/bodyworker/psychic (their services will be an extra cost)

  • One guided group nature excursion a week

  • Group activities like art/game/movie nights

  • One rental vehicle to share with the group 

    • If you want your own to rent this can be arranged​

    • You are responsible for paying for gas

  • Bulk food items for breakfast and lunch

    • Breakfast is self-serve​

    • Lunch is a communal meal

    • Each day 2-3 people will make lunch for the group

    • Dinner is on your own as you wish (communal, solo or out to eat)

    • Any special food items you can purchase separately

  • Wifi

Please note: Outside community events like Ecstatic dance, you must pay for your own admission

Create a
Tantric Ashram

Every morning there will be a daily practice of yoga and tantra to develop discipline, dedication and consistency. Additional scheduled activities will offer different ways to connect with your group and learn more about tantra, expression and other spiritual principles.


Experience living in community of like minded individuals who are on a similar spiritual path. Discover what it is like to support one another and enjoy new connections.  Plus get plugged into the local scene and events. 


Relax and rejuvenate in nature. You will have the opportunity to enjoy one of Gaia's many paradises. Guided and self-guided exploration will be available. Beaches, hikes, walks in the jungle, lava tubes, snorkeling and more.


This is a residency not a retreat. The difference is there is more openness for you to create your own experience. You are encouraged to carry on your digital work or plan to take some time to focus on a passion project like art, exercise or writing. The choice is yours.


Along with the weekly classes and activities, every Saturday during the residency we will host a Sacred Sensual Saturday event that will be open to the local community to join. This event will feature a local tantric teacher to lead a class, then after a tantra puja, sound healer and tea lounge.

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