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Guest teachers

featured at sacred sensual Saturdays

Tantra Ashram residency February 2023

Ichida head shot.jpg

audrey ichida

Hawaii tantra festival organizer + teacher

Audrey Ichida is a certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West, an Enneagram Teacher, a scientist, a dancer, an erotic story-teller, and a mother. All of these identities, held lightly, serve her personal vision to support humanity in building a life we love to live. Teaching the Enneagram, coaching, and living Tantra are ways Audrey honors her daily vow to “nurture vitality in myself and others.” She understands that everyone is teacher and student simultaneously. Knowledge is transmitted through way of being. And Tantra is the fierce spiritual path where illusions are slain and the crisp penetrating light of the soul shines in each moment.

Her offering for the Tantra Ashram Residency 2023 is an orienting perspective for the program that draws on teachings from Christopher Wallis (in the lineage of Abhinava Gupta) and includes an introduction to the nondual Śaiva Tantra Pure View. In addition, the Enneagram 3 instincts will be introduced as a balancing tool for working with the instinctual drives.

kristen ten O'Guen

Sexual Empowerment Coach
Sacred Sexuality Teacher

Kristen Ten O'Guin has been a Sexual Empowerment Coach and Sacred Sexuality Teacher since 2005, working with individuals, couples, and ENM groups, as well as teaching classes and workshops she created. She helps people learn how to have more fulfilling and authentic intimacy. She teaches about consent and sensual communication, and shares knowledge, wisdom, and insight about Sexuality and related matters. She also supports people in sexual liberation in other ways, such as sex positive events. Kristen has had many teachers in the realm of Sexuality over the years, including tapping into the wisdom of her own body and, most recently, getting her Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University in 2019.


lauren searles

tantric love coach

Daiana hermes

sound healer + ceremonialist + reiki & eft practitioner

During our time together we will be tapping deep into EFT practices, Breathwork and delicious stillness. On a different day I also will be offering sound healing and channeling light as we are in ceremony together.


satya devi

sound healer + priestess + alchemist at lotus rose temple

kelly klein, phd

 Sacred Sexuality Priestess and Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Coach with Intimo Coaching

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