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Professional  Pink Tantra Practitioner Training

If you are feeling the call to hold space for people in a potent and sacred way, becoming a professional Daka or Dakini may be the path for you. You must feel comfortable discussing emotions, sexual experiences, relationship issues and more. Though you don't have to have all the skills right away, it is important to feel confident within yourself to stay in integrity at all times when holding this position as a Teacher and guide. You will continue to grow within yourself and find that your spiritual path continues to accelerate as you witness transformations in others. Learn to hold your boundaries and space in an empowered way. Feel profound fulfillment as you receive gratitude for how you have had a positive effect on the lives of those who feel called to enter into your temple space. These sessions are available for men, women, any gender identity and couples. 

Pink Tantra means these sessions are sensual and work with matters of spiritual transformation, erotic energy and nurturing connection, however, these are non-sexual sessions meaning no lingham massage, no yoni massage or any other sexual techniques within the container of the session. We focus on connecting our sexual energy with our hearts, crown chakra and the full body to use this energy to empower oneself. Tantra teaches us to slow down and remember to honor ourselves and all beings. 

If you have questions feel free to contact me directly or join us for a free Intro that will cover all the details of this training and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you need for clarity. If you are ready to begin your path of service fill out the application form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

An in-depth training Program

I have had to honor of offering thousands of these sessions since 2015 in several states across the US. This work is needed and I am dedicated to finding those who resonate with this offering and feel passionate about supporting others in their personal transformation. Potential clients contact me throughout the year wanting me to travel to their city and I can not be everywhere or serve everyone, so I am inspired to share this potent modality with the right people so this offering can continue to serve those in need. I have also trained 25+ Practitioners with a 3-day training program I was taught, however, I have realized how much more time people need to develop an embodied understanding of this path and to build the confidence within themselves to be ready to offer these sessions in the World. I have also added enhancements to this style that have taken my clients' experience to new heights of in-sight, inspiration and healing that I will be passing on to you! With this realization I have developed an extensive training that will give you time to apply tantric practices to your own life allowing to to truly embody this spiritual path and to learn all the techniques and sessions thoroughly. This training includes 7 online classes and a 7-day in-person intensive training. Additional, marketing support is available as needed.  

See the training breakdown below.

The Career Benefits

  • Weekly earning potential for full-time is $1,000 - $5,000+ depending on your city's demand

  • Create your own schedule - Do this part time or full time

  • Work from home 

  • Travel opportunities

  • A path of service

  • An offering that is fulfilling

  • Education that will continue to support you and others

  • An understanding and application of Tantra

  • Expand upon your healing gifts

  • Personal growth

What is included:

Online Training:

  • Seven classes

    • Classes will take place 1 - 2 times a month on a Saturday or Sunday

    • Each class will be 4 - 5 hours long depending on the size of the group with a 45 minute break

  • Key Curriculum that will be covered

    • An Overview of Tantra History and philosophy

      • What is Tantra?

      • Key Principles of Tantra

      • The chakras and tantra

      • Tantric sex vs normal sex​

      • Ancient vs modern tantra

      • Kundalini energy

      • Shiva/Shakti

      • The different types of tantra

      • Babaji and Cobra breath initiation

    • IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga Practicum Lessons 1-6

      • ​This Practicum will teach about tantra philosophy and offer you a daily tantric meditation practice to apply to your life to support your own personal growth.

      • Discussions, techniques and sharing circles within class time.

      •  Journaling prompts and experiential exercises for home assignments.

    • Learn to guide a chakra meditation​

      • Get experience in real time honing these skills of understanding the chakras and how to guide a journey that is impactful and potent​ for your client.

    • Get to know your fellow practitioners in training, build report and trust before meeting in-person.

    • Be led through a tantric meditation each class

      • This will allow you to build a connection with and deeper understanding of tantra philosophy and techniques by seeing how it brings shifts within your own body, mind and soul.​

      • Begin to embody this lifestyle and path of enlightenment.

    • Begin to explore your Why and write your Practitioner Bio

    • Overview of energetic protection and clearing

    • Practitioner ethics

    • An Overview and of the 6 session Tantra Program for individuals and 3 session program for Couples

In-person Intensive:

  • Seven day training

  • Location on Big Island of Hawaii (Other locations in the US to be determined)

  • Key Curriculum that will be covered:

    • Practice Sessions 1-3 for individuals and Couples Session 1 fully in real time​​

      • Give and receive with other participants​ as your practice client/practitioner.

      • Demos, walkthroughs and discussions to cover sessions 4-6 for individuals and sessions 2-3 for couples.

    • Daily morning Tantra Yoga classes

    • Professional photoshoot

    • Practice Reiki healing

    • Intuitive Tantra Session enhancements

    • Overview of safety and vetting clients

    • Discussing and practicing personal and professional boundaries

    • Marketing overview - How to launch and maintain your business

    • Booking Procedures

    • Nature outings

    • Tantric Puja Ceremony upon certification completion

Certification requirement:

  • Practitioners must complete Usui Reiki Level I & II Certification by the time they arrive to the in-person training. You may complete this with any Reiki Master teacher. Pictures of certification required. I also offer Reiki training.

  • You must complete both the online and in-person training to complete your certification.


Tuition Fee for the entire training program:


This fee covers your online training, study materials and in-person training, in-person lodging and food. Student is responsible paying for their flight and any shuttle fee or car rental needed for in-person training and their own Reiki training certification. The optional marketing support services are an additional fee. 

Payment plans available. Payment must be paid in full by the online training start date. 

Training Dates:

Online Training:

July - October 2024

July 14th & 27th

August 10th & 25th

September 14th & 29th

October 12th

In-person Training:

November 2024

Tentative date November 5th-11th

Big Island of Hawaii

Optional Marketing Support

By completing this Pink Practitioner training you will be a certified Independent Practitioner which means you are in complete control of managing your own bookings and marketing. However, if you would like some support to get started I am happy to help.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in the Media Arts from the University of North Texas and I am a Professional Freelance Graphic Designer. 

Services Available:

  • Building your website

  • Creating and posting ads for your sessions

  • Booking sessions for you

  • Social media marketing

    • Creating posts for you​

    • Branding support

  • Promotional writing

Pricing available upon request and more info will be offered during the training. 

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