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Available Services

Intuitive Tantra Reiki Sessions


Enjoy a spa like tantric massage experience. These sessions are potent journeys of deep relaxation infused with Reiki healing to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. These sessions are for you if you are yearning for a space to reset, come back to your center and cultivate connection with yourself and others. You will learn about tantra, kundalini and how to support your own healing during this 6 session program for individuals or 3 sessions for couples.

These sessions are available for men, women, any gender identity and couples.

Professional Tantra Reiki Practitioner Training

Massage Table

If you have a heart for supporting others, are dedicated to spiritual development and personal growth, are comfortable with sensuality and have a genuine interest in learning about the tantric path you may be a wonderful fit for the path of becoming a Tantra Reiki Practitioner. Intuitive Tantra Reiki  Sessions are pink tantra, meaning there are no sexual techniques within the container. We focus on connecting our sexual energy with our hearts and crown chakra to use this energy to empower ourselves. Tantra teaches us to slow down and remember to honor all beings. This is a path of service that can offer much fulfillment and abundance. Learn more about this thorough training that offers both online and in-person teaching if this calls to you.

Somatica Sex & Relationship Coaching

Holding Hands

The Somatica Method is a beautiful way to explore all aspects of intimacy and get support in the areas where you feel blocked, challenged or inspired to dive deeper. This style of coaching invites you to not only have a safe space to talk about our desires/needs/fears/etc, but also feel the sensations within your body and practice different scenarios in a 'relationship lab'. Some examples of what people may want to receive coaching on: First dates, discussing boundaries, practicing different styles of seduction or touch, repair conversations, core desires in intimacy, how to escalate intimacy, dealing with disappointment and so on. What would you like to explore with me? Reach out to book a free connection call to share your needs and interests. I am mostly offering these sessions online, however, in-person is also available.

Support for Couples

Couple Meditating

If you are a couple that is looking for new ways to connect and build intimacy with your partner whether it is for a special occasion, for fun or to learn I have some options for you. 

The Intuitive Tantra Couples Session trilogy allows you to learn how to give each other a tantric massage and how to hold sacred space when building intimacy on a heart and soul level. These must take place in person.

Somatica Sex & Relationship coaching can give you both a space to be seen and heard. Allowing yourself to receive advice and exercises to practice in session and at home that will get you back into your feeling body when processing different aspects of your relationship and sex life.

Pre-marriage Tantric Ceremony: This is a tantric ceremony that is uniquely designed for you and your beloved based off your your interests and desires. I will guide you through a beautiful ritual that will give you both a moment to breathe deep, ground in together, connect and honor one another before your big day. These can take place online, in-person or as a part of your wedding day.

IPSALU Tantra Classes & Workshops


IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga is an international pink tantra school that is a path of devotion to one's own transformation. The curriculum focuses on cultivating a daily practice that utilizes many different tantra kriya yoga techniques to support personal growth. IPSALU offer two wonderful Tantric texts Jewel in the Lotus and Tantra Bliss by Bodhi Avinasha, an online practicum with mentorship, workshops, four Cobra Breath initiation intensives and more. The sacred Cobra breathe is an oral tradition passed down teacher to student. Gifted to us by Babaji Nataraj, the father of Kriya yoga.

I am currently offering IPSALU Tantra Energy Yoga classes, am an active mentor for the IPSALU Practicum Lessons 1-12, am assisting at the Cobra Level 1 Intensives and offering IPSALU style puja ceremonies. Learn more if lineage based tantric teachings and connecting with community interests you.

Tantra Retreats


Tantra retreats are a wonderful way to cultivate a daily practice, fully immerse in heart based practices that cultivate bliss and spend time in community with like minded seekers. Enjoy a relaxing and grounding time in nature. Experience nature adventures, morning tantra yoga classes, philosophy talks, tantra labs to break down different techniques, communal meals, group outings and activities, massage, puja ceremonies and more.

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Usui Reiki Certification


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art that utilizes sacred symbols that a student is attuned to during initiation weekend courses. These symbols allows a Reiki Practitioner the ability to direct the high frequency reiki energy to people focusing on physical, emotional and/or distance (past/future or other locations) healing. Whether you are interested in using this healing art personally or professionally, it is a potent tool to have available. This is truly a wonderful way to tap into one's own healing abilities and intuition.


Usui Reiki Levels I, II and III initiations available. The III level includes the Holy Fire attunement. 

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