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Tantra Classes & Workshops

I am honored to offer IPSALU Tantra style classes, workshops and pujas that offer a space for like-minded seekers to come together to learn, experience and practice tantric teachings. All of my group offerings are pink tantra meaning sensuality, touch and connection practices are welcome in the space, but no sexual practices or techniques are ever included in the container of a class, workshop or puja. I offer a safe space with clear boundaries and a style of tantra that focuses on supporting your personal transformation, expanding your understanding of tantra, experiencing different ways to engage and apply tantra. These offerings create a deeper connection within yourself and other participants that can lead to feeling blissfully uplifted.

Contact me if you would like me to lead a class, workshop or puja at your festival, celebration or private event. These offerings are customizable and can be created to fit any theme you are wanting to focus on. Some examples: inner balance, empowerment, community connection, divinity and more. These group classes can be guided for a co-ed audience, women's or men's circles. I have listed some available classes, workshops and pujas available as an example, however, it is not limited to this list.

IPSALU Tantra Energy Yoga

IPSALU Energy Yoga is a solo practice that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine without the need of a partner. This style of tantra yoga combines asanas, tantric meditation, and pranayama techniques to awaken your kundalini energy, which can lead to greater clarity, focus, and presence throughout your day. Tapping into your kundalini energy can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth, personal transformation and increased prana.


The IPSALU Tantra Kriya Yoga system is the foundation for IPSALU Energy Yoga. This unique approach to yoga emphasizes the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and can be a powerful tool for deepening your tantric practice.


All levels are welcomed to this beginner friendly class. This will be primarily a solo practice with some sweet group connection practices at the end to close the container.

Intro to Tantra Workshop

Experience an evening of demystifying the world of Tantra by exploring discussions on tantric philosophy, learning potent pranayama, meditation and kundalini activation techniques. Then embarking on a blissful guided tantric journey that will cultivate connection with yourself and others. Join us in the sweet heart-centered realm of pink tantra, celebrating the depths of our sensual selves. There will not be any sexual techniques in this container.

Couples Tantric Massage Workshop

Enjoy a delightful evening to honoring and anointing your beloved. Learn how to give and receive a Tantric massage to take your intimacy to a deeper level of sweet devotion. 


A Tantric Puja is a ceremonial experience that engages the senses and utilizes the elements, ritual and reverence to embody different tantric teachings. Just like workshops and classes, pujas can be created based on a certain them to tap into the essence of that feeling or experience in a sacred ritualistic way. 


Below are some examples, but these are not limited to those shared here:


Shiva/Shakti Divine union Puja


Indulge in a sensual and transformative experience with our tantric couples workshop. Ignite your senses and explore the depths of your desires through an intimate and ceremonial puja, designed to honor the divine masculine and feminine energies within yourself and your partner.

This workshop is perfect for couples who seek to strengthen their connection through the art of tantra or for singles who open to connecting and partnering with someone new. Together, we will embark on a beautiful journey of dance, heart connection, and breathwork, as we delve into the profound and ancient techniques of tantra.

Arrive fresh and adorned, prepare to adore and to be adored, to surrender to the moment, and to discover new depths of bliss and intimacy. With compassionate guidance and the power of ritual, you will awaken your inner sensuality and connect with your partner on a deeper level.

Come open to explore some exercises with other participants while knowing you will always work with your partner during more intimate techniques.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the beauty and transformative power of tantra. Come as you are, and leave with a renewed sense of passion, connection, and divine union. Join us for a night of sensual exploration, and let the magic unfold.

Divinity Puja:

Tantra invites us to embrace our humanness and our divinity, to not see it as separate but as one. Honoring sacred lightness and darkness to transcend into wholeness. Come play in this space in a tantric ceremony that will allow you to feel that divine love within yourself and each beautiful being you see. 


Following the IPSALU Tantra formula this ceremony will incorporate sacred tantric ritual, meditation, pranayama and connection practices to cultivate divine bliss. During this puja we will focus on exploring higher states of bliss, connecting with our divinity by activating our third eye and crown chakra and feeling a sense of wholeness within ourselves thus connecting with our greater community of divine beings.

Self-Love Puja Ceremony:

This Puja will celebrate self-love and acceptance in a beautiful ceremony featuring anointing, writing vows to yourself, cacao ceremony, rose blessings and more. Come love yourself up tantra style. 

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