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" I am super grateful to Kanixa for the potent and transformative Reiki session she shared with me. Actually it was more of a shamanic, multi-dimensional, crystalline, sacred sound vibration, mantra infused, chakra opening and aromatherapy infused healing journey. I came to her with some pretty deep pain and issues in several chakras, and she skillfully and lovingly guided me through my energy body making lots of adjustments along the way. I felt really comfortable and open to her and a natural trust in her energy and abilities. After this session I am definitely encouraged to explore the tantric sessions and I highly recommend her to anyone needing some deep support or transformative work. "

— Nathaniel, Eugene, Oregon

"I was blessed to receive an amazing healing session from Goddess Kanixa in Eugene. 
I recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to open to your true self, reconnect with the divine or deepen your awareness of who you are and why you are here. 
This was my first experience with Intuitive Tantra. It is a non-sexualized approach which melds elements from different healing spiritual modalities, and Goddess Kanixa is masterful. 
Thank you for helping me to re-unite me with myself after my recent injuries. It's just what my Spirit was asking for, and I look forward to future sessions together!"

— Virgil, Eugene, Oregon


"We all encounter a variety of people during our path in life. Each providing a different story or experience. Some are more memorable than others. Goddess Kanixa's presence alone is inspiring. She possesses the beauty to make ones spirit dance, consume the mind with intrigue and remind the body of all its natural wonders. She guided me through the passage of discovery within myself. In turn I will be forever thankful to her. As well as the universe for blessing me to experience all of her astounding gifts. To anyone in this world that needs beauty, peace, understanding or a release of negative energy from this imperfect life we live. Goddess Kanixa can be your muse and guide you to rejuvenation. I look forward to the day when she again crosses my path."

— Candy, Houston, Texas

"I am divinely blessed to have Kanixa in my life. My perspectives on life changed immediately after my first session. She has purged the anxiety, stress and fear from my mind, body and spirit that was surfacing daily as aches & pain. My mind is open to co-operation and not competition now in this world. I can now see the pain in peoples eyes and all I want to do is spread the word of her amazing healing gift. These sensual sessions opened my eyes to the huge divide between sensuality and sexuality which is misunderstood by almost everyone I know. Kanixa is creating a better world one person at a time with her healing practice. Do you want to align your mind, body and spirit? Do you want to find your trinity? Do you want to open your eyes for the very first time in your life? Everyone needs the healing arts in their life. I am deeply loved and divinely blessed. Thank-you Kanixa."

— Chris, Eugene, Oregon

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"Being relatively new to the Tantra and Kundalini Energy work, I feel very fortunate to have been introduced more fully to it Kanixa. She is clearly knowledgeable, talented and very professional. I never felt awkward in any of her sessions. She has a comfortably natural way of teaching by sharing her knowledge, talents, skills and beauty. I would definitely recommend all of her sessions."

— Jon, Salt Lake City, Utah

" Thank you for the great session today, felt more alive than I have in some time, energy returning to parts of my body that felt dormant, definitely shifted. I left the essential oils on my skin until I showered 10 hours later, savoring the aroma and experience, 2.5 hours went by like 1 hour, amazing experience, much appreciated! "

— John, Big Island, Hawaii

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