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Intuitive Tantra Reiki Sessions

All Intuitive Tantra Reiki sessions begin with an attunement where we will sit together and I will guide you through a heart centering ritual. Light touch, deep breathe, connecting and opening the heart to allow you to ground into this safe space. Each session also includes Reiki healing, aromatherapy and sound healing with tuning forks and medicine songs as guided by spirit.

These are 1:1 sessions for singles and couples to work directly with me a safe, sensual, spa like environment.

There are six sessions in the Intuitive Tantra Program for singles and three levels to the couples sessions available. Sessions advance as you build trust, connect and understanding of the tantric techniques. As you advance new techniques are added.

Sessions must take place in order. Sessions can be revisited once completed. Combination sessions are available upon request. 

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