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Life transformation & soul growth for the spiritual seeker. 

Eclectic Therapeutics

Nurturing Guidance Awaits

This is an invitation to elevate your sex life, relationships and overall well-being.



Your transformation is in your hands, I am here as a guide, support and nurturing presence to support your journey!


I am Kanixa, Spirit of the Phoenix. Through my own journey of self transformation and healing I was inspired to dedicate my life to serve humanity. In 2011, I experienced a spiritual awakening that ignited my passion for the healing arts and interest in metaphysical knowledge. Ever since I have studied and practiced Reiki, Crystal healing, sound healing, mantras, Yoga, Tarot Reading, Psychic exercises, tantra and more. After completing over 500 healing sessions and counting, I have mastered my craft and continue to explore possible improvements, additions and new practices that will offer even more benefit to my all who feel guided to receive.

My practice will benefit you if you are needing clarity on your path, support with more satisfying sex and relationships, guidance with things like manifesting and empowerment or are interested in applying a tantra practice to your life for spiritual and personal development.

I am here to use all my gifts, knowledge and training to support you in feeling your most aligned, magnetic and vibrant self.

How I Can support You

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